Restless leg syndrome (RLS) affects about 10% of the US population and can develop at any age. Women tend to be affected twice as often as men. To be diagnosed with this syndrome four basic criteria must be met:

1. Symptoms are triggered by rest / sleep
2. Worse at night and absent in the morning
3. Strong urge to move the legs
4. Relief of symptoms with movement of the legs

While RLS may accompany a host of medical conditions it may occur by itself. Controlling these associated conditions helps, but certain lifestyle changes have been shown to help:

Decreased caffeine
Decreased alcohol
Decreased tobacco
Correct deficiency of iron, folate and magnesium
Regular sleep pattern
Moderate exercise
Leg massage
Hot baths or heating / ice packs

There are medications also which can be prescribed, however one should see a licensed professional for further management.

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