When one is first diagnosed with diabetes, try to see a vascular surgeon or a foot doctor (podiatrist). Diabetics in our part of the world tend to develop loss of sensation commonly. As a result they don’t feel the sharp objects which can introduce infection into the feet. To prevent this complication from diabetic neuropathy, try the following:

1. Take care of your diabetes
2. Check your feet everyday
3. Be active – it will keep you happy too
4. Wash your feet everyday – but don’t forget to dry them
5. Keep the skin of the feet – smooth and soft
6. Trim your nails regularly – if you can’t see clearly, ask for help to trim the nails. Cutting them incorrectly will increase the risk of infection
7. Wear shoes and socks at all times when not in bed.
8.When sitting cross legged, check the ankles along with the feet on a daily basis
9. Protect your feet from hot and cold extremes

Source: American Diabetes Association

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