Carotid artery disease

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Patient feedback after Carotid Endarterectomy

I had visited Burjeel Hospital in January 2016 and met Dr. Amit Kumar / Vascular Clinic. Thereafter i had taken a CT Scan and it was very obivious that i had 80% blockage in the left artery in the neck. After the complete consultations with Dr. Kumar.

I Decided that Dr. Kumar to do the Vascular Surgical operation. I made the operation on 4th Feb 2016 and it was very successful operation (100%) and since then i did not feel any negative result, and now i am under complete recovery.

Thanks for Dr. Kumar and his Team for his excellent and very successful operation and for the good support, cooperation and service i have received from there.

Everything is fine

The Patient, Jamal Omar Attallah

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