I’m happy to be able to express without hesitation my satisfaction and to say thank you for the great medical treatment that I received. Thanks for your level best of going my way during the procedures in order to provide me with comfort and for your bright,humble and positive behaviour -an important ingredient for a successful treatment. Not only I can say now you are a skillful physician but your attitude and empathy showed me you are great as a person also. You are appreciated.

Being in town for a long time,I experienced different treatments. Based upon those experiences I can make good comparisons.

The treatment I proceed for was sclerotherapy of Varicose veins. I completed it few days ago and already can see a significant improvement from the first till last visit. The treatment didn’t affect my every day life at all. I am excited about my current great results and I look forward to even greater that I feel are on the way.

My opinion and pros for choosing Dr. Kumar’s center at BR Medical Suites:

  • Available and useful information online regarding treatments,facts and getting first impression about all
  • Accurate communication regarding the appointments
  • Straight to point informative and honest consultation
  • This doctor listens to you
  • Using accessible language to explain issue and solution
  • No pushy verbal pressure regarding start of a treatment
  • Excellent communication
  • Understanding
  • Friendly and calm yet professional ambience with positive vibes
  • Kind and caring nurses assisting me before and after treatment

An apple a day keeps the doctor away-they say. I had plenty of it so far but despite that fact and the nice taste I am still in need of visiting a doctor sometimes. No space for panic. But I do my best to make sure I am at the right place visiting the right doctor. After all, it’s all about that feeling of inner comfort and trust that we are all looking for when meeting with a doctor. Fortunately I felt that trust since my first appointment with Dr.Kumar.

That’s why with open heart already recommended him to a close relative out of the country and will gladly do the same to any of my contacts in town.

Thank you, Dr. Kumar. Choosing you was the right decision.

I wish you health and simply the best.

Dina M