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Safe Vascular Surgery during Pandemic

  • I went for a scan sent by my GP, Dr Nermine. Within one week I was seen and had consultations with my GP and a specialist. Ready for my operation. The excellence of Dr Kumar and kind nature of him and his staff reassured me in so many ways.

    I have been visiting this hospital on Reem for one year and the other Burjeel for the other year and a half.

    This day surgery hospital has wonderful staff who are all committed to ensuring that you feel safe and secure in their care.

    I have seen a few GPs here and a wonderful Gyno. All truly are amazing staff. You have very hard working and very polite nurses, both male and female and the pharmacy is also very accommodating.

    You have a very clean hospital and that is thanks to your wonderful staff on the ground for without these people your hospital would not flourish.

    I wish I could take this hospital back to the UK to show them how amazing your staff and your hospital are.


    Burjeel Day Surgery Centre, Abu Dhabi

    June 2020




    Dr. Amit Kumar is a vascular surgeon, trained at the Cleveland Clinic, USA. He has been practicing in the UAE for the past 11 years. Over this time he has worked in Abu Dhabi – at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, as well as in Dubai where he is currently working at Emirates Hospital, Jumeirah.

    The team at consists of:

    • Dr. Amit Kumar – Consultant – Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon
    • Ms. Neena Bobben – Lymphedema / Lipedema specialist
    • Nurse Nielsen Diaz – Peripheral Vascular Lab (PVR) specialist

    The scope of service includes:

    • Dedicated vascular lab with TcPO2 and specialised vascular ultrasound
    • Carotid disease and stroke prevention
    • Aortic aneurysms and dissections
    • Dialysis – catheter and fistula creation and monitoring
    • Varicose veins – RFA, EVLT and Venaseal. Sclerotherapy
    • Wound care – Diabetic feet with or without gangrene
    • Peripheral vascular disease – Diagnosis and management – Endovascular and open procedures
    • Pelvic congestion with Ovarian vein embolisation
    • AVM and Hemangioma treatment
    • Lymphedema and Lipedema