Peripheral vascular diseases (PVDs) are blood circulation disorders that impact blood vessels outside of the heart and brain. Normally PVD strikes the veins and arteries of arms and legs.
PVD results in narrowing of blood vessels and decreases the amount of blood and oxygen supplied to the arms and legs. People with Diabetics have a high risk of having PVDs especially in our part of the world, eventually causing loss of sensation and result in to amputation.
To keep this snared try the following :
1. Treat your diabetes
2. Check your arms and legs daily
3. Be dynamic – it will keep you cheerful as well
4. Wash your arms and legs regularly – however bear in mind to dry them
5. Keep the feet’s skin – smooth and delicate
6. Trim your nails often – on the off chance that you can’t see clearly, request someone to trim it. Cutting them improperly will expand the danger of infection.