Beginning March 2016, lymphedema management and treatment has become available at the Dubai practice of What this means is that a vascular surgery assessment and subsequent lymphatic massage are all done at the same facility and at the same visit. This is especially focused on patients with breast cancer who have had their axillary nodes removed. The first such facility to do so in the country. Each treatment session of lymphatic massage shall be preceded and followed by a measure of the entire limb – from skin texture to size and then be mapped using the latest software to see the progress.

Each patient is guided with clinical diagnosis, radiologic imaging (lymphoscintigraphy – if needed), and most importantly in lifestyle changes and precautions, care guidelines, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), compression bandaging, education in lymphedema self management.

Our practice is part of the National Lymphedema Network, a US based lymphedema non-profit organization which provides a melting pot for both patients and healthcare professionals to share the latest developments and techniques in lymphedema care, which allows us to improve the lives of our patients.