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“You and your team have been fabulous. As having been previously a registered nurse, I know how much a lot of the hard work and dedication goes unnoticed.

Thank you once again. I will always remember you and your team as the people that gave me back my confidence... And you can't put a price on that. ”

Kate Rossiter

“I would like to thank you and your excellent team for the wonderful care and expertise I received on Sunday. I have been on a thirty minute walk today and my husband commented on my pace. Much faster, he said. I walked up an incline without having to rest periodically and it felt wonderful. It is a new lease of life. To be able to walk and soon run will be fantastic, I just have to build up my fitness level now.”


"I would like to thank you for your thorough follow-up and concern. it is very rare these days to find a doctor with such dedication to his/her patients. I very much appreciate it."


I was referred to Dr Amit Kumar in 2015, as a specialist in the area of vascular disorders. I had suffered with quite severe varicose veins for a number of years in my right leg, but as I turned 40 this condition and symptoms (aches, tenderness, and of course the visual appearance) got worse. Dr Kumar was incredibly clear, patient, and down-to-earth in his diagnosis and subsequent detail regarding the operation that would be needed to resolve things. Critically, he was just as thorough in explaining the risks of such a procedure, and I felt confident enough in the balance of this conversation that I would move ahead with Dr Kumar.

Come the day of the operation, the team at the Medical Suites were friendly and incredibly profession – from nursing staff through to the anaesthetist. I‘m pleased to say that everything went smoothly, and that I was discharged and out of hospital within only a few hours of waking. The excellent counsel and observation went beyond the surgery as well, and I received regular follow-up meetings with Dr Kumar over a number of weeks afterwards. I should be honest and say that the recovery over the next 8 weeks was tough at times – with lots of sensitivity in my leg (like “pins & needles”), but now I’m feeling all good, and back to running around the Dubai Marina again!

It goes without saying that I’d recommend Dr Kumar and his team at MediClinic without question.

Paul Evans

Pelvic heaviness treated with Ovarian vein embolisation

I suffered several years from varicose veins in the leg and the back of the knee area, these include pain, swelling, heavens and not able to stand for a long period of time.

I was referred by my cardiologist to consult with doctor Kumar, after a series of tests and exams, a full and clear explanation was provided to me by Doctor Kumar on my actual situation and how to improve. First, we decided to treat my leg that was the most painful and disturbing me a lot.

The procedure took 45 mins and it was a day surgery. I came early the morning, and 04 hours later I was discharged and back home. The day after I was back to my normal activities and without major pain. Few days later, we decided to proceed with the treatment of the second leg. This procedure was regarding the pelvic varicose veins, which took 2 hours and half and it’s also a day surgery like the first one (In the morning and discharged the afternoon).

Now a few weeks later, since my last procedure, I’m very happy with the result, no more pain, heaviness or swelling and the veins start to disappear, also the biggest one.

This procedure is highly recommended and you will definitely enjoy the result.

Mrs. Nadira from France living in Abu Dhabi